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Casino Fair

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Cloudbet ETH

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what is Ethereum Casino?

What is Ethereum Casino?

Ethereum Casinos is the place to be if you want to bet with the cryptocurrency Ethereum. This typ of casino is belongs to the category  Crypto casinos.

Ethereum is one of the best and well known blockchains around the world and has the second largest market capitalization in the blockchain / cryptocurrency ecosystem. It was started in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin. By having the second largest marketcap and vast adoption of Ethereum, it allows for a great medium of exchange and a secure network to exist that allows for an alternative method to wagering online. 

Contrary to traditional fiat wagers online, using an Ethereum Casino encourages a sense of security between the casino or sportsbook and you the person wagering. Cutting out traditional banking and fiat money is the beauty of an Ethereum Casino. Ethereum is a trust minimized network that can’t be ceased and payments can’t be stopped by prying eyes that are watching how you spend your money! Even though online gambling may be legal in your country some banks don’t like to let individuals live their life as they wish and that’s the beauty of truly owning your money and wagering at an Ethereum Casino – you are your own banker! Grab you ETH Casino Bonus Bow


Ethereum Casino embraces freedom

An Ethereum Casino embraces freedom of the individual and understands that your money is your property and you should be able to spend and wager your money as you wish. The decentralized nature of an Ethereum Casino or the New Bitcoin Casinos is a window into the future; furthermore, thankfully an Ethereum Casino does all of the heavy lifting and are trailblazing the future of wagering online for all the users that want to use this new trust-minimized currency as a medium of exchange for wagers. 

So, the obvious question for those that like to wager online is, how do I place a wager with an Ethereum Casino? Understanding how to get started and begin the fun with an Ethereum Casino is simple. The first thing someone that wants to wager in Ethereum needs to do is acquire some Ethereum. The easiest way to get some Ethereum is through a trusted exchange online. Binance and Coinbase are two of the most trusted around the world when people want to acquire some cryptocurrency, check your jurisdiction to see which is right for you. 

The next step is to get yourself a wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Ledger Nano S, Trezor, and KeepKey are very good hardware wallets that allow users to completely control their private keys and be 100% in control of their money. Online crypto wallets are another option but involve 3rd party trust, Coinbase and BitPay are two of the more trusted places to hold your crypto online through a custodian. 

The third step to wagering on Ethereum Casino is the most fun, this is the part where you get to see your hard work pay off, sending your Ethereum to an Ethereum Casino to start wagering. Players only have to send over their private keys for the amount in fiat denominated they want to play with and the Ethereum magically ends up in your Ethereum Casino account within an hour. Unlike traditional deposits in fiat denominations, Ethereum transacts extremely quick and is available for that last minute bet, it even makes it possible to place that important wager on a bank holiday. Two to three business days to deposit is a world we don’t need to live in any longer and you don’t have to with an Ethereum Casino.  Deposit today and start playing within minutes, not days or weeks with old fashioned fiat casinos and sportsbooks and do it at your leisure in your own home without nosey bankers asking about your activity. 

The world has more convenience than ever with online marketplaces and services such as online casinos. We are truly building the future ecosystem through Ethereum and cryptocurrencies like it that are a safe and secure ways to transact and wager while allowing patrons to be their own banks and facilitate the deposits and withdrawals.

Ethereum Casinos are extremely convenient to patrons that love to play online games and are tech savvy. You don’t have to be a super technical person today either, all of the things mentioned above are making it easier to become part of the digital money ecosystem. Ethereum transactions confirm very quickly and it is one of the premier digital currencies that people like to wager in. Some like to wager more in Ethereum because per unit Ethereum or ETH is cheaper and easier to think of as a single unit instead of a decimal system like one typically needs to use in Bitcoin.


Ethereum Casino Bonus

Level up your game with a great Ethereum casino bonus

CloudBet and BitcoinBet, mbitCasino are some of the prominent sites that allow patrons to use Ethereum and encourage deposits in ETH. CloudBet supports Ethereum and believes in it highly, CloudBet will give a 100% Deposit Bonus up to 5 ETH. Receive up to 250 Mbtc, 1.5 Bitcoin Cash, 3 Ethereum, 15 Litecoin, 450,000 DOGE, 2,500 Euros on the house with mbitCasino right now.

Ethereum being one of the most secure and popular cryptocurrencies in the world and 2 nd in total market capitalization are one thing but the majority of Ethereum Casinos have extremely fair odds and the house doesn’t take advantage of players like they do many times for fiat wagers outside of the New Crypto Casinos family. This low house edge allows for players to enjoy their time wagering and also know that they can trust their Ethereum Casino of choice and return there without fear. Trust minimized currency and trust minimized wagering are what makes the combination of the two so beautiful and the future of gaming online.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Casinos pop up quite frequently in this era of online markets. It is a good thing to have so many choices and one beautiful thing about free-markets but without a place like New Crypto Casinos to weed through the best, you could have substandard service. Thankfully, we have a dedicated core of team members that are the most experienced in gaming online that allows us to confidently endorse every Ethereum Casino we list on our pages. You can always gamble on Ethereum Casinos we’ve listed with complete confidence but always remember to do your own research and make sure each casino you play at is right for you and suits your needs properly. Start your Ethereum adventure with the best ETH Bonus on the market.