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What is Bitcoin Poker

Learn how to play poker with Bitcoin

Poker is one of the oldest and most popular casino games played in both online and offline sites. Currently, there are numerous online poker games available, and a wide variety of poker games- but only bitcoin (BTC) poker sites, which run on a blockchain network, are provably fair.

Online poker bitcoin casinos offer gamblers the opportunity to wager with cryptocurrency, rather than fiat money, like USD, or EUR. This enables players to ensure that poker BTC games are not "rigged" against them, adding an extra layer of trust to video pokers. 

What is Bitcoin poker?

A bitcoin poker resembles the standard poker games available in online casinos, with one primary difference- unlike traditional online poker games, Bitcoin Poker, are built on blockchain technology. The technology makes it possible to verify the code that powers the game itself. Unlike standard poker games, bitcoin poker games let players to "look under the hood" of the game and ensure they are not playing against stacked odds. Besides, bitcoin poker winnings and bitcoin poker freeroll winnings can be cashed out instantly through bitcoin or any other available altcoin. 

How to play a bitcoin poker

Just because it is dealing with digital currencies, not fiat currency, it does not mean that it is difficult to register and play a bitcoin poker. 

Step 1: Create a BTC wallet

The first step to play a bitcoin poker is to create a BTC wallet where you will store your coins after buying or withdrawing them. You can sign up for a free online BTC wallet, or you can buy a physical hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are more secure, and they are suitable for storing large amounts of coins for an extended period. 

The most popular hardware wallet is the Ledger Nano S, which is affordable and has an elegant and discrete design as well. Other options include Trezor wallet, Jaxx, and KeepKey.

Each bitcoin wallet comes with a unique address, which you will use to deposit or withdraw your coins. 

Step 2: Buy bitcoins

After creating a BTC wallet, the next step is to purchase coins for use. You can buy bitcoins using a credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or cash deposit. There are several reputable online crypto exchanges where you can purchase bitcoins. 

The most reputable crypto exchanges are and Binance, and they only require your bank account or credit/debit card details. Also, you will be required to enter the amount of coins you want to buy and where you want them to be kept- here is where you copy and paste your BTC wallet address. 

Other than those two exchanges, there are many other reputable and trustworthy alternatives like, BitPanda, Bitpay, and others. Some require more details, while some require less; and therefore, take a closer look at each of the features all the exchanges offer before deciding the one to use. 

Besides, you can still buy bitcoins from a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that uses an escrow system.


Step 3: Deposit bitcoins into a BTC poker site

The other essential thing you must do before playing in a bitcoin poker site is to choose a trustworthy online bitcoin casino and sign up to create an account with them. After signing up, proceed to your profile page and search for the section labeled "Deposit" or "Your Funds" or anything of that sort. Click on it, and you will be directed to link your BTC wallet to your account. 

Then, you will be able to deposit any amount of bitcoins you want, provided it is equal to or more than the minimum deposit amount. 

Game Types

The most popular bitcoin poker game is Texas Hold'em. The other popular games include Omaha and Seven-card stud. 

Types of tournaments in a bitcoin poker 

The standard online poker tournament is Sit-n-Go, and it is still the popular tournament even in bitcoin pokers. It can take the nature of a single table or multi-table knock-outs. Such competitions allow gamers to buy-in with a certain amount of money, and all players begin with an equal number of chips. The multi-round type is somewhat the same thing, but in this case, several tables are going on at the same time—the winners from each round reserve a seat on the next one's desk. The winner of the final round is the one who goes home with the money. 

In the regular tournaments, the contestants are less than 100, but in online poker tournaments, the number of contestants can be in thousands. 

Final Words

Bitcoin poker provides the same relaxed gaming experience as traditional online poker, but places more power in the hands of players and allows them to remain in total control of their bankroll. Cash-out your winnings instantly by playing bitcoin poker games. By playing bitcoin poker games, you avoid the big transaction charges often incurred with fiat transactions. 

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